Art in Education

Education reform has frequently prioritized efficiency and quantification. Qualitative topics, like art and the humanities, often times fall to the wayside. There is significant evidence that these qualitative topics boost performance throughout the economic spectrum in lower education. Read Art in Education related articles »


Although large levels of resources are dedicated towards lower and higher education in the 21st century, improper prioritization, over-quantification, and the onset of education technology have left the United States by the wayside as a leading force of learning. Read Education related articles »


From national security to broad social developments like the onset of the gay marriage debate, empathy remains a core issue leading to the success, or failure, of these policy debates. The development of realistic cultural empathy can help to ensure educated, sound decisions that work towards the best solution for all parties. Read Empathy related articles »

Veterans Affairs

The civilian-military gap in the United States is only exacerbated by long combat deployments and seemingly omnipresent levels of post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries. Long-term solutions require innovative and collaborative efforts. Read Veterans Affairs related articles »

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