Hidden Truths, the Mind Unraveled 2016

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Hidden Truths, the Mind Unraveled 2016

 REGISTRATION FOR THE EVENT CAN BE FOUND HERE Hidden Truths, the Mind Unraveled art exhibition, now in its 5th year, is composed of original works of art by an international group of artists linked by the common bond of epilepsy.  Despite the... Continue Reading »

The Art of Epilepsy – 2016 Update

The Kant Institute Hidden Truths Project (HTP) sponsors The Art of Epilepsy, a series of exhibitions in southern California. The exhibitions, which raise funds for epilepsy research, drew the interest of corporate sponsors.  At their... Continue Reading »

Streets: the Hidden Voices

The Kant Institute Hidden Truths Project presents Streets: The Hidden Voices The 2014 Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress reported on any given night in the United States, there are approximately 578,424 homeless individuals.... Continue Reading »