Image: Our Values

Our Values

The importance of comprehensive research and analysis for a policy institute cannot be underestimated. That being said, we strive to generate opinions and investigate concepts that go beyond present-day issues. We hope that by utilizing this philosophy, we can generate solutions that are proactive and long-term in nature.

We hope that the research and advocacy presented by the Institute will not only serve to inform legislators, but also involve citizens. By leveling the playing field, we can strengthen the efficacy of policies by ensuring they complement the American way of life, rather than restrict it.

By remaining unaligned in the political spectrum, we forego some of the support that is given to mainstream parties. However, it is through this lack of alignment that we are free to examine solutions and compromises that serve to positively impact the greatest number of people – unrestricted by political agendas.

In order to ensure that our nonpartisan institute remains such, we must remain open to reason and logic, not our personal biases. Running a republic exposes the population to hundreds of critical issues and each of these issues must be looked at individually, rather than defining the entirety of them by one’s party platform.

Proactive policymaking requires vision. An extended horizon ensures that the future generations of this nation aren’t weighed down by outdated and irrelevant policies. Effective governance should act as sturdy scaffolding to support the population and culture of the state in future years.

We realize that our thinkers cannot address all topics and opinions. To help us account for this fact, we hope to work with citizens and public officials alike to create a dialogue that best reflects the diversity of citizens’ ideas. Together, we can develop new theories and strategies.

Too often groundbreaking ideas are quashed by “politics”. Our institute seeks to be an environment where this regressive concept doesn’t occur. By remaining open and honest with ourselves and those who benefit from our work, we hope to stimulate a culture where big thinkers have the best opportunity for success, regardless of whether their ideas are new or unconventional.

Collaborating with individuals across a broad spectrum of philosophies is effective only if we can understand each other’s views and how we came to develop them. Through this intellectual empathy, we can create compromises that are beneficial to all groups and move away from modern-day power struggles between increasingly marginalized parties.

Our work will only be effective if it inspires others to think and join in the conversation – working towards a more positive environment in the United States. We cannot hope to be entirely comprehensive in our work, especially when it deals with complex issues like education and governance. It’s with this fact in mind that we hope our building blocks stimulate the development of new and creative ideas that further our goals of cultural development.

If we didn’t believe our country had the potential for positive change, we wouldn’t be doing this. Above all else, we believe that the solutions we develop will generate constructive forces to help in small and large communities alike. We not only have optimism that our politics can develop, but also our country as a whole, if we ensure that our policies support us rather than hinder us.