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Fellows are the backbone of our organization – serving as catalysts for innovative projects that tackle not only issues of the proceeding twelve months, but also look onward into the next decades.

Research Interns

An internship with The Kant Institute is a rewarding experience for college-aged individuals that offers selected applicants the opportunity for both individual research as well as the ability to support high-level policy research currently being undertaken by our team of experts.  Interns with The Kant Institute are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year.

Individuals interested in a research internship with The Kant Institute are invited to email an application packet, including a cover letter, résumé, and writing sample to


Adjunct Fellows

Adjunct fellows are a key source of both a breadth and depth of knowledge within our organization.  While each adjunct fellowship within The Kant Institute is highly individualized,  we look to our adjunct fellows to help contribute to blog posts, issue briefs, and other media sources.  An adjunct fellowship with The Kant Institute is an opportunity to become a part of an open dialogue with some of the brightest and most innovative individuals of our times in a collaborative environment.

The application process for direct admission into our adjunct fellowship program is more extensive than the process for individuals transitioning from a research assistantship.  For more information on the process, as well any other questions, please email


Senior Fellows

Senior Fellows of The Kant Institute differentiate themselves by taking on a long-term, in-depth project dedicated towards a specific area of interest.  These individuals typically have years of experience, as well as advanced training, in their field.  Senior Fellows are expected to remain actively involved with the communication aspects of their project, as well as the general administration of their research field within the Institute.

The Kant Institute is currently building the foundation for senior fellowships.  The further development of this program is dependent upon interest and fundraising from our partners.  If you are interested in consideration for future senior fellowships as they become available, please email