“An open forum for the big thinkers of the next generation”

We are at a truly fascinating time in the evolution of our Earth.  Increasing globalization, combined with significant changes in the nature of our economy and society as a whole have created an environment with an unparalleled level of access and knowledge for the average citizen.

Despite this fact, our nation is facing a number of critical issues.  An insufficient breadth in curriculum inadequately prepares students for life outside of the classroom.  Vast gaps in the quality of infrastructure neglects many of the cities and regions that need it the most.  Advancements of technology for use in the classroom often times never reach the students it is designed for.  All in all, the great potential for citizen involvement in our democracy exists, but due to a lack of resources and knowledge, it hasn’t reached its full potential.

The Kant Institute is a bipartisan, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated towards the fostering of  public learning and the creation of a national discussion surrounding key domestic issues.  The Institute follows the motto of “sapere aude” or “dare to be wise” and seeks to act not as a teacher, but as a stimulus of critical thinking for the individual.


Our Organization

The Kant Institute is a multi-faceted, non-profit research organization.  While we are a “think tank” due to our interest in enacting societal change through grassroot efforts, we also believe that oftentimes, the best individuals to impact change are found outside of Capitol Hill. Through an unparalleled level of independence, fellows in coordination with an experienced team of advisors, allows for the development and implementation of innovative ideas that aren’t tied down by politics simply for the sake of politics.

Our People

We have a firm belief that the teachers of the United States should be the ones to develop educational policy, the social rights advocates to write immigration reform, the enlisted soldiers to influence technological needs for our armed forces.  Our network of experts may vary in terms of locations, specific ideologies, and backgrounds, but they all have a common goal of national learning and education – the crux of our organization.

Our Goal

We wouldn’t be satisfied as an organization if our shareholders, the citizens of the United States, didn’t have their voices heard. Our projects are designed to provide innovative approaches to equity in education of our youth and to create awareness for the general public about societal issues, which impacts their local communities and nation. The work at the Kant Institute serves as a platform to engage, empower, and become the voice of change, to influence policy discussions for years ahead, and not trail behind.